My fanarts

Hi everyone
It´s me again!!!!! ne?????
Well a few months ago i made fanarts.... i submited at deviantart, but i want to post them here....
So.... what u think about it????
Tell me what u think
See u next time

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↑Short stories can be seen by clicking.

That drew Gunther and Conrad first, a lot of fun!
What Gwen saw this scene to face? Interesting just imagine!

It is a community where Gyun × Gyunter, I've been cheating on him and Konrad, but assumed that because Gunter  is love for Gwendal,
Please forgive me everyone that I post it here.(。・ω・。)/
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Gwendal-made sweater

Today it was a holiday job, drew illustrations another one.
Will post it to write a little explanation.
The next is to make dressing breakout game.
But to make it difficult...( ̄Д ̄;

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Gunther the weeping...

(↑ At least 18 years old who do not like adult pictures please press.)

This picture is for under 18.

"Mommy is Günter and painting naked?"  10-year-old daughter asked me yesterday.
I said, "Exactly!!"
Replied daughter, "I did it right!" High touch and asked.

Of course, This adult painting draw still can not see my daughter.
However.forgive my daughter to understand about me, my heart is saved.
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