BadWolfKaily (kinky_carter) wrote in gwendalgunter,

Gwendal x Gunter Fans!!!


  • (Fic) We Pause To Begin: Chapter 5B

    We Pause to Begin : 5B Chapter Rating: PG Overall Rating : R Paring: Gwendal x Gunter Much apologies to the delay! Thank you so much for your…

  • (Fic) We Pause To Begin Chapter 5 A

    Rating: PG - M Pairing: Gwendal x Günter mainly, but there are other pairings in the background (Yozak x Conrart, Yuuri x Wolfram, etc.)…

  • [Fic] Friends on the Other Side

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the long wait; I know that you all are waiting for the next installment of "We Pause to Begin", so I thought I would…

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