October 8th, 2011

(kkm) Gwenter <3

(FIC) We Pause To Begin: Chapter 2

Title:​  We Pause To Begin (Chapter 2)

Author: maria_chan

PG - M

Pairing: Gwendal x Günter mainly, but there are other pairings in the background (Yozak x Conrart, Yuuri x Wolfram, etc.)

Genre: Survival, fluff, angst, romance

Summary: After the King's ship is attacked and lost, Gwendal finds himself ship-wrecked on an unknown island with Günter.  As they help each other survive on the island, Gwendal tries to find a way to handle his suddenly known feelings towards his colleague and fellow castaway.

Notes: Thanks again to the amazingly awesome puck_the_elf for being my beta, and reassuring me when I am being silly :)   ♥

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